Hiking - the easy way

Car and Luggage Transfer - Bed & Breakfast

No matter how you plan to be trekking, we can assist you.

Flexible B&B and transport services

You don't need to book a different place for each night on your trip. I you book with us, you can have a steady base, where you sleep and keep you stuff.

We'll pick you up on the trail in the afternoon, and take you back the next day. You can choose between a nice apartment and cabins. 

Luggage transfer - walk without your load

You don't need to break your back to enjoy trekking along the Gendarme Path. 
Drop us a line, and we'll move your luggage from your B&B or hotel to the next one. 

As an option, we can also move your car each day, with your luggage in it. That way you can drive into town for dinner.

Car transfer - from starting point to finish

If you park your car at the starting point, you will need it again, once you cross the finish line 84 km later.

Wouldn't it be nice, if your car is waiting for you at the end of the trail, ready to go? 
While you walk the trail, we move your car to your destination.

The Gendarme Path - 84 km of enjoyment, the flexible way.

Do not let the long pre-planned stages wear you out.

Usually you need to plan.
Typically the 84 kms are divided into 4 day trips, 21 km each.
And you need to book accomodations for each night. Sometimes streching the ideal daily distance.

We offer an alternative:
Walk without a master plan.
Stop in your tracks when you feel like calling it a day.
Call us and we'll pick you up and take you back to your car.
Then you'll return to your cabin or apartment, wash up and relax.
You will stay at the same place every night.
This means you will be traveling light, carrying only the essentials.

  • You decide the length of your daily stages - as you walk.
  • You'll be sleeping in the same comfortable bed throughout your journey.
  • You can resume your trek the next day.

Hvor long time do you need for the trip?

The Gendarme Path extends along 84 km along the Danish-German border.
You can choose to spend 4, 5 or 6 days walking the 84 km, or you can cover part of them in 1, 2 or 3 days.
Trained trekkers can do it in less, while others prefer to take all the sights in and make small detours.

Popular points of interest are Gråsten Castle gardens, the war museum at Dybbøl next to the old mill on the hilltop and the extensive exhibitions at the museum in Sønderborg Castle.

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