Bed and Breakfast

Gendarmepath Flex accomodations and pricing

We offer two B&B possibilities

Choose between an apartment and a cabin. The apartment is in Egernsund by the harbor, while the cabins are in Rinkenæs, both very close to Gråsten.

The prices listed are totals, covering all participants and all services: Beds, breakfast, lunchbags, picking you up every day at tre trail.
There are no additional charges.

Whichever you choose - cabin or apartment - you get the full "Flex" package, covering your needs for accomodation, breakfast, lunch and pickup wherever you choose to end your daytrips.

Book by phone or e-mail:
Phone: +45 - 2855 3455
(English, German and Danish spoken)

The view from the apartment in Egernsund

Book a cabin

We offer cabins with up to 4 beds, located at the Rinkenæshus Camping..

All cabins are equipped with a small tea-kitchen, chairs, a table and beds.
Linen and towels are included.

A fridge fully equipped for breakfast and lunch bags is included.
Bathroom facilities are in the nearby main building, where you also find a fully equipped kitchen.

Book an apartment

We offer a nice apartment with a view across Egernsund habor.
It offers a spacious living room with a tea kitchen, up to 2 bedrooms each with a double bed and a private bathroom.

A fridge fully equipped for breakfast and lunch bags is included as well as linen and towels.

Availability is limited, since this is a very popular offer. But try, and we may find space for you also.

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