Bed and Breakfast

Gendarmepath Flex accomodations and pricing

We offer two B&B possibilities

Choose between a room and a cabin. 

The cabins are in Rinkenæs, while the rooms are either in Rinkenæs or in Alnor, both very close to Gråsten.

The prices listed are totals, covering all participants and all services: Beds, breakfast, lunchbags, picking you up every day at the trail.
There are no additional charges.

Whichever you choose - cabin or room - you get the full "Flex" package, covering your needs for accommodation, breakfast, lunch and pickup wherever you choose to end your daytrips.

Book by phone or e-mail:
Phone: +45 - 2855 3455
(English, German and Danish spoken)

Book a cabin

We offer cabins with up to 4 beds, located at the Rinkenæshus Camping..

All cabins are equipped with a small tea-kitchen, chairs, a table and beds.
Linen and towels are included.

A fridge fully equipped for breakfast and lunch bags is included.
Bathroom facilities are in the nearby main building, where you also find a fully equipped kitchen.