Gendarme Path Flex prices

Hvor lang time can you invest?
It is your call. The route is estimated to take 5 days to cover. Trained trekkers can do it in less, while others prefer to take all the sights in and make small detours. Popular points of interest are Gråsten Castle gardens, the war museum at Dybbøl next to the old mill on the hilltop and the extensive exhibitions at the museum in Sønderborg Castle.

The course
You arrive the day before your trek begins and stay the night. 
If you arrive by train, we'll be happy to meet you at the station.
Then you walk. Alot. For days.
After your last day on the path, you stay the night.
Having had breakfast, you say your goodbyes - or grab an extra day on the trail before leaving for home..

A typical day during the course
Each trekking day starts with you waking up in your comfy bed. 
After breakfast, you'll have the opportunity to prepare yourself a lunchbag.
Then we'll take you to whereever on the route you want to start walking.
Typically it will be where you left off the previous day.
At the end of the day, you alert us and tell us where we can pick you up.
Back in your room, you can shower and change clothes, if you want.
When ready, you'll be offered a return ride to the shopping mall or a restaurant in the town of Gråsten.
After yet another pleasant night, this procedure is repeated.

Price per person with 2 booked, sharing same room: 

General conditions
Prices above are valid for one person, with 2 people booked, sharing a double bed in the same room.
Payment is made in cash before day of departure, after your stay.
There are no additional fees of any kind. No deposits. No extras.  
This is included 
Room, available from 3 p.m. on date of arrival to 12 a.m. on day of departure. 
Breakfast, lunchbags, linen, towels and all transfers by car.
This is not included 
Evening dinners

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