This is "Gendarmstien Flex"

Walk the course in 4, 5 or 6 days, depending on the weather and your energy level.
Or make do with a selected part of it in 1, 2 or 3 days.

You alone decide how long your daily stint should be.
Decide as you walk, get inspired by things you pass and want to spend time on.
Or change your mind quickly if weather conditions suddenly change.
Sleep in the same comfortable bed every night.
Keep your luggage in the same place. No moving it around. No carrying it.
You'll be transported to your daily starting point every morning, supplied with a lunchbag.
Later the same day, you'll be picked up after alerting us how far you got.

If you so desire, we'll take you to and from a restaurant for your evening meal.
You arrive the day before your first day of trekking, and stay the night after your last day.
That way you are rested and ready, both before and after your stay with us.

The course of a day

You start every day waking up in your comfortable bed.
After enjoying breakfast, you have the opportunity to make yourself a lunchbag for later.
When ready, you'll be taken to the place, where you left off the day before. Now you can continue your trek, walking easy with no heavy load on your back.
Whenever you call it a day, you just call for us to pick you up whereever you are on the path.
Back in you room, you can rest, tidy yourself up or grab a beer on the balcony or in the courtyard.
You'll be offered a ride to the nearby supermarket or one of the local restaurants, and back again. 
You wrap up yet another exciting day and lay yourself to rest in your comfy bed.

The Gendarme Path Flex - the easy way

Avoid the hassle of booking a number of different accomodations along the route.
Book once at one place. Stay here every night of the trip. Easier for you. No worroes, no hassle.

Don't commit yourself to fixed length daily stages.
Walk as far as you feel like. Finish each day before dark. Follow your whims and enjoy!

Does your energy suddenly escape you or are dark clouds suddenly opening up?

Alert us and we'll pick you up. You may continue from the same spot the next day.

Don't struggle with heavy luggage, carrying it around from place to place?
Travel light, carrying only basic necessities. Let the heavy luggage stay at your room.

Don't worry wether the next bed is as good as the previous.
You sleep in the same bed, in the same room, every night.

Don't worry wether there will be dining opportunities close to your next quarters.
We'll take you to a nearby restaurant, pizza place or supermarket every night.

Breakfast is a necessity.
Enjoy breakfast in your room or on the balcony, overlooking the fjord.

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